ISVs: Are you getting invited to the dance?

Are you getting invited to the dance-

While many ERP resellers are foregoing “brick and mortar” user events because they find it hard to bring in the bodies, there are still many that continue to host annual conferences for their customers and prospects year after year. If a partner hosts an annual user conference, from what I’ve seen they do it because they’ve found some secret sauce to keep customers coming back. If their customers want to be there, then shouldn’t you?

Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting invited to the dance:

  1. Know the dance card. Make it a part of your process to ask partners if they host any live events. Even if they’re only tentative, add them to an events calendar so you can keep them on your radar.
  2. If you don’t have a date, go with a friend. If you suspect you may not know about all the possible events, contact someone from another ISV or publisher and see if they’re willing to compare notes with you about which events they’re attending. Then see if you can get an invitation.
    Pro Tip: If you’re not actively networking with other ISVs, you’re missing out on a world of indirect referral sources!
  3. Be selective before accepting an invite. Ask for details about how much exposure you’ll receive, before, during, and after.
    Pro Tip: There are lots of ways to ask for greater exposure – you just need to know what to ask for!
  4. Be the belle of the ball. Make sure you’re maximizing your efforts by being prepared, knowing your audience, and planning other activities outside the event itself while you’re in the area.
  5. Make lasting memories. Don’t just assume they’ll call you if they’re interested. Make a plan to keep in touch, and follow up with the host to identify and follow up with potential business generated from the event.

One Simple Way to Keep Referrals Coming: Follow Through

  1. Share your memories. Write a recap of the event and share it with your network.

Tips for Writing Conference Recaps

  1. Dance to your own beat. If a partner says they don’t have any live events planned, don’t be afraid to suggest putting one on jointly!

If your invitations seem to be getting “lost in the mail”, contact DAB Partners to learn how we can help you stay on the A list!

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