Tips for writing conference recaps (yes, you should be writing them!)

Would it surprise you to know that some of the most highly viewed blog articles I’ve ever written are event recaps? Or that on Enterprise Software Podcast, some of our highest download numbers of all time are our event recap episodes?

Every time I go to a conference, whether it’s a partner event like Meeting of the Minds or ITA or a user event like Sage Summit or GPUG Summit, I write up a recap of the highlights from my perspective for my company’s blog.

While I’ve pretty much been attending conferences like it’s my job for the past six years, not everyone gets to (or wants to) pack up their business cards and logo gear and jump on a plane every time someone says the word, “keynote”.  Call it FOMO, but people want to hear what they missed, and you should share it with them!

So here are some tips for writing a successful and shareable event recap that will get you lots of views leading to visibility of your brand and coveted website traffic:

  1. Take notes with the article in mind while you’re there so you’ll have something to say without having to try to recall key takeaways later. And if writing’s not your strong suit, you can share your notes with someone who can translate your thoughts into words (or contact DAB Partners to help you get your article to the finish line).
  2. Take pictures – people, their logos, the venue – anything you may want to add as a visual reference.
  3. Talk to the organizers while you’re there to see how they feel about the success of the event, what the attendance numbers looked like, etc.
  4. Mention the event hosts and the other people and other businesses you encountered in the article.
  5. Send these people the article to make sure they know you mentioned them. This is the secret sauce for getting it widely distributed. People like to see their names in print, and when they do, they will often share with others in their own network.
  6. Share your article on social media using the event’s hashtag. This gets the word out to anyone with an interest in the event who may not be in your network.

Below are some examples of high traffic content I’ve published. If you want to learn more about how I can help you get your name out there, contact DAB Partners. And if you found this helpful, please use the form on the right to follow my blog to receive future tips like this in your inbox!

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ITA Fall Collaborative 2015

Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summits 2015

Enterprise Software Podcast Episode 49 – Sage Summit 2016 Recap

Enterprise Software Podcast Episode 52 – Dynamics UG Summit Recap

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