Trending: AP Automation

With the recent introduction of Sage AP Automation powered by Beanworks, suddenly “AP Automation” is buzzy among the Sage ERP channel and their customers.

An article on the popular site reported that Sage had conducted a survey of customers that found AP Automation to be the most requested new functionality.

I’ve talked with a lot of partners about this topic, and many have told me that their customers are expressing interest in learning more about what AP automation can do for them.

While not directly revenue-generating or required for compliance like other add-ons, automating processes on the payables side can be an effective strategy for cost savings and increased efficiency.

But what do Sage users really want when they say they want AP automation? Is it invoice routing and approvals? Electronic payments? Document imaging? All of the above?

Or perhaps it’s more?

My friends at Paramount WorkPlace have a great procurement software that is complementary to AP automation and integrates not only with Sage, but with pretty much all the mid-market ERPs. While AP automation typically revolves around the invoice record, procurement (or “spend management”) software helps control the spend before it happens – or before the invoice even exists.

ERP resellers, particularly Sage ERP, should be prepared to discuss how procurement fits into the puzzle.

This blog article “Spend Management Meets AP Automation” helps demystify where spend management meets AP automation. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss further!


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