DAB Partners Client News: Summit Hosting CEO Stan Kania Featured on the Sage Advice Podcast


CEO of Summit Hosting, Stan Kania, has been part of the Sage world for over 21 years. So when his old friend Ed Kless, Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy at Sage, invited him to be on the Sage Advice Podcast, he was happy to sit down with Ed and talk about Summit’s story and company culture.

If you’re not familiar with the Sage Advice Podcast, the tagline host Ed Kless uses is, “energizing business builders around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology”. Ed’s guests are thought leaders in business and technology, within the Sage community and beyond. There are a wide variety of guests and topics, and at around 5-8 minutes long, they’re well worth a quick listen!

In this six-minute chat, Stan talks with Ed about why Summit Hosting has chosen to focus on ERP application hosting, and why he’s so excited about the technology Summit Hosting offers to their hosting customers. Having identified a need out there for small to mid-sized businesses to be free from servers and $200/hour IT people, Summit Hosting has grown to 20,000+ users between the US and Canada in the past ten years. Stan explains how they’re saving them money, and at the same time offering them faster, more reliable technology than they would be able to attain on their own, and that’s why Stan does what he does.

He also discusses a business model that they have in place at Summit Hosting that they refer to as a “results-oriented” environment. Stan first learned of this concept while attending a Strategic Leadership Association (SLA) conference. SLA is a think-tank for professionals who believe there is a better way of doing business and adding value to their customers, and Ed is on the Board of Directors of SLA.

The gist of the results-oriented approach is getting out of that “9 to 5” mentality and focusing on end results. Summit Hosting leadership measures their success not in hours worked, but in three key factors: customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee satisfaction.

The interview is around six minutes long, so give it a listen to hear more about Summit Hosting’s history, their technology, and why you should consider applying the results-oriented concept in your own organization!

Sage Partner – Stan Kania of Summit Hosting on becoming a results only work environment

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